Where How Far Will I Run came from


My idea to write my book came from going back to college and watching my younger generations. I realized that some of their ambitions were limited to short-term goals. I wanted so much more for them and I thought if I shared my story, they would realize how attainable their greatness really was. At that time in my life, I had gone way beyond regret and was adventuring into my own awareness.



I adored these young men and women that were making so much out of their young lives. Even when some of them had narrow visions, their accomplishments had way surpassed mine at their age. I prayed for them to see beyond the next year ahead of them, beyond that days necessities and to see what they could hand down to their beneficiaries in their lifetime. We are not alone and in most cases quite similar, we just don’t know it until we have shared our stories.

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