Today I Went Home

Today, I attended the Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce Installation Luncheon. I was presented with the KI Jones Award for my contribution to the Chamber and to the community. It was humbling. I don’t contribute to my communities for an award, I contribute because I am aware of a need and I am accountable to do something about it. I choose to do what I feel is right, I don’t have any other option. I choose accountability and contribution the best way I know how.chamber2-1024x685

Afterwards, I went home to see my darling FeFe. She had her surgery today to remove her tumor and she pulled it off amazingly. I am so proud of her and I know that God still has some plans for her while she is here on this earth. While we were waiting for her to come out of her operation, we walked downtown to find her something to wake up to. While on Fourth St., I saw a couple I used to work for, a husband and wife. After visiting with them, I reflected with Keith, how much I appreciated them in my early twenties. They were patient and kind to me when I needed it the most. As the wife said to me today,”We grow and sometimes we need our experiences to make us who we are today.” Amazing, huh? And she hasn’t even read, How Far Will I Run. Do you think, the writing of my story was brewing back then? Do you think she is and was one of my helper spirits? I think so. I love my supporting souls in my life. I love my life.

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