Asset to Society?

How am I accountable for my community’s growth? Do I accomplish everything I can to make my world a better place? When I am aware of a need, do I try to help?IMG_0834

Do I set a good example for others? Am I open to suggestions? Do I listen without thinking of my next response? Do I ask, “why is this happening for me, instead of to me?”

Do I practice responding instead of reacting? Do I sit with God daily? Do I enjoy my inner silence?

Do I act in good conscious at all times? Do I stay true to my Intention? Am I compassionate to others at all times? Do I realize everyone has their own reality?

Do I stay clear of victimhood? Do I serve free of ego? Do I stay clear of judgement? Do I choose clarity?

Do I love unconditionally? Do I make ammends with others that I think have offended me? Do I forgive and forget? Do I make conscious choices?

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