Edie Thomas’ Forward

“We are all exactly the same, and yet totally different!!

I am from an ultra-conservative family of nine children where I grew up lost in the shuffle and was thankful for the free lunch program at school as a child. I learned at an early age that I’d have to take care of myself. My father used to tell me, “Edie, don’t ever be afraid of working too hard.” And then at age 15 my best childhood girlfriend got pregnant. It forever changed both our lives, but that is a different story for another time.

Upon meeting and getting to know someone it’s often difficult to see who they really are or what events have molded them into the person they’ve become. In an effort to fit in, we become trained to show our polished shiny side, giving the illusion that everything is ‘fine’.

However life is made up of experiences and choices. For every choice there is a consequence. These create us, mold us, and refine us often leaving us with a tattoo like an artwork of scars. Some scars are obvious and can be seen with the naked eye, and some fade with time and are no longer noticeable. Others run deep and can only be detected when we wince from the pain of the scar tissue built up deep within.

Christina’s story is raw, filled with experiences that trigger deep emotion. It touches a part of life I thankfully have had little knowledge of.  And, yet in casual conversation early on I recognized something that Christina and I shared growing up . . . we both experienced true unconditional love!

Upon further review we also share a kaleidoscope of results from our life experiences . . . love, patience, understanding, long suffering, God’s grace, the desire to love and to be loved, a will to survive, and yes the ability to have and share unconditional love.

Christina’s story shares hope, dreams attained and the continued challenge of this adventure we call life.”



Edith Thomas, a non-profit professional working with intellectually/ developmentally disabled adults for over 20 years, is currently the Executive Director of “Connections For Life” in the greater Bay Area in California


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